Visit to “Daya nivasa”

                                           As good citizens we have the obligation of doing something important to the society. There are many people in this society who is less privileged and who needs our help and support. If we have the desire of giving hand to those people to get rid from their sorrows, that will be a great thing we can ever do.

                                           We are undergraduate students of faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. During the past 3years of time we had some opportunities of doing social work. But after joining to the agricultural extension department for our majoring module, we could get a great chance of doing a social work with the guidance of our lecturers in the department. So, first I must thank my teachers for guiding us for such kind of valuable thing.

                                             On 10th of September 2013, we visited “Daya nivasa” in Kandy. It is a place where differently able children and adult women live and it is run by Mother Theresa’s sisters. When we go there, first a sister came to explain us the purpose of “Daya nivasa”. As she asked we all prayed together for few minutes irrespective our religions. While I was praying, I thought how much that name “Daya nivasa” is matching to this place. Truly it is a place which can be called as a home filled with love and affection.

                                                     After that we had the chance of meeting those differently able children and women. First we entered the children’s hall. When I saw them I was shocked at once. I was staring at them for some time while thinking how much lucky we are.

                                                   There was a very little child lying on a bed like a baby. I couldn’t believe my ears when heard someone says he is a 9years old child. I went to a one little girl who was really pretty. She hold my hand and stared at me. I felt the softness of her hand. Then I touched her cheeks. They were smooth as petals of a flower. I wondered how those parents left this beautiful little child alone like this.

                                                     We spent more time with them. We tried to make them happy. We wanted to let them feel that they are not alone in this world and to make them feel our affection towards them. We sang songs with the differently able women who were there. Some of them danced. When I saw their happy faces, I felt really happy. I felt some kind of proud also. Obviously we should be fortunate to make other people happy. At that moment, I realized the worth of the feeling of happiness and satisfaction we get, when we know we are the reason behind someone else’s happy face.

                                                           We didn’t forget to talk to the people who look after those children and women. We gave a rosary to them as a gift and a card appreciating their invaluable service here.

                                                          Even though we spent few hours with those innocent children and women, it was very hard to say good bye to them. When i was on my way back to hostel, i thought what can i do for such people who needs our help very much. And i realized how much of satisfaction we could have by doing this kind of social work. Yes, I felt really happy because i could do something important to this society.

                                                                                                          – Sathya Weerathunga.


Visit to “Daya nivasa”